Grow your bank’s commercial portfolio using ZEscrow.

Manage complex deposit flows for your clients on a modern, headache-free platform.

Specialization is the key to winning over high-value commercial clients. They don’t want to feel forced to manage their money in clunky or overly complex ways. If you can offer specialized support, you will create partnerships that last for decades and generate huge value for your balance sheet.  

ZEscrow is a digital escrow and subaccounting tool that can easily reconfigure for a wide range of businesses and use cases. It reduces the paperwork and compliance burden that banks shoulder in certain regulatory environments. Once your commercial banking or treasury team understands the capabilities of ZEscrow they can target niche commercial verticals with confidence.

Landlords and property managers

Keeping tenant security deposits separate from the main operating account can be notoriously difficult, especially if you need to pay interest on that money. ZEscrow can be an important part of your overall property management solution. ZEscrow makes it easy for bank staff, landlords, and property managers to handle security, cleaning, pet and other deposits in a secure, compliant way. Click here to learn more about property managers.


1031 Exchanges

Law firms and qualified intermediaries can significantly benefit from ZEscrow as their go-to solution for IOLTA, IOLA and trust account management. Additionally, our platform is designed to streamline the 1031 exchange process, ensuring that all funds are securely held and managed, and all rules for 1031 exchange are followed. With ZEscrow as the software to support your 1031 exchange intermediary, you can rest assured that your clients' assets are protected, and the transaction process flows smoothly. Click here to learn more about qualified intermediaries.



ZEscrow offers a powerful solution for municipalities seeking to manage municipal securities, municipal bond funds, and escrow surety bonds. Our platform provides a secure and efficient way to handle funds related to municipal transactions, ensuring a seamless process and full compliance with industry regulations. By utilizing ZEscrow's capabilities, municipalities can enhance transparency, reduce risk, and streamline the management of financial transactions. Click here to learn more about Municipalities.


Law Firms

Unlock the vast possibilities of law firms as your new banking clients with ZEscrow. We provide a digital escrow subaccounting tool to meet the unique needs of law firms of all sizes. By partnering with ZEscrow, you can offer law firms 24/7 online access, a secure platform to manage client trust accounts, and a range of features such as compliance and risk management that will give your bank an edge in the industry. Click here to learn more about law firms.

Solutions Law Firms

Healthcare Companies

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated and comprises many different entities that handle patient funds, claims, or other regulated deposit transactions. They’re looking for a banking partner that can offer secure, compliant, convenient management of funds. ZEscrow is a game-changer for healthcare companies seeking a comprehensive solution for three-party accounts. With a banking partner ZEscrow provides the infrastructure for healthcare escrow management. Our platform streamlines the entire process, ensuring that all funds are securely held and managed in accordance with industry regulations. By leveraging ZEscrow's healthcare deposit management capabilities, healthcare providers can optimize their deposit revenue and improve deposit tracking and disbursement.

Solutions Healthcare

Unions and Non-Profits

Holding tens or millions of dollars in earmarked funds, designated funds, and special purpose funds is a delicate job. ZEscrow is a powerful solution for unions and non-profits seeking to enhance their union escrow, union title services, and overall non-profit fiscal management. Our platform provides a secure and efficient way to manage funds, ensuring that transactions are transparent, compliant, and streamlined. By utilizing ZEscrow for non-profit money management, organizations can focus on their core mission while maintaining the highest level of financial integrity and control.

Solutions Unions


Many utility providers require prepayment and security deposits. They’re looking for a banking partner that can keep all those funds separate and easy to access.

Solutions Utilities


ZEscrow is an ideal solution for those seeking aviation escrow services, aircraft title & escrow, and boat escrow in the transportation industry. Our platform streamlines the process of managing funds related to high-value asset transactions, ensuring security and compliance throughout the entire process. By using ZEscrow for your transportation-related escrow needs, you can minimize risks and simplify transactions, allowing for a smoother experience for all parties involved.

Solutions Transportation

Assisted Living and Funeral Homes

ZEscrow offers a comprehensive solution for assisted living management and funeral homes, addressing the unique banking needs of assisted living escrow, pre-paid funerals, and funeral trusts. Our platform ensures that funds are securely held and managed, providing peace of mind to both families and service providers. By using ZEscrow, businesses in the assisted living and funeral home industries can streamline their financial transactions, maintain compliance, and focus on providing compassionate care and services.

Solutions AssistedLiving

With the right tools, you can become an indispensable partner.

Many different organizations are looking for a banking partner that can help them eliminate unnecessary paperwork and comply with the applicable regulations around different deposit types. ZEscrow is a fully configurable escrow and subaccounting platform that already contains workflows for many regulations and business scenarios.

When your commercial banking or treasury team goes into the marketplace to build new partnerships, they can offer a solution that dramatically reduces the paperwork, labor, and compliance burden on everyone involved, from your back-office to the beneficiary.

Not sure if ZEscrow is right for your business?

Even though we include the word “escrow” in the product name, the capability of the tool goes beyond escrow. If you’re looking for a solution to help many complex deposit arrangements with multiple beneficiaries or involved parties, there’s a high chance that ZEscrow can do what you’re looking for.  

Just to be totally sure – we’re not in the business of overpromising – we’d like to set up a discovery call where we can learn about your bank or business’ needs. If we can’t provide what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to refer you to a partner who can.

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