Empower Municipalities with ZEscrow: 24/7 Online Banking and More

Municipality Use Case

Unlock the immense potential of municipalities as your preferred banking clients with ZEscrow. We provide a suite of digital escrow subaccounting services to meet the unique needs of local government entities. By partnering with ZEscrow, you can offer municipalities 24/7 online access, innovative solutions, and a range of features that will set you apart in the world of banking.


Why Municipalities Are Great Commercial Clients

Stable, Sticky Core Deposits

Municipalities offer a consistent source of core deposits, including operating and escrow accounts. These deposits serve as the bedrock of financial stability, ensuring that your bank has a reliable foundation to build upon. With ZEscrow, you can not only secure these deposits but also provide municipalities with cutting-edge online banking services.




Strong Transaction Volume

Municipalities handle a vast number of financial transactions daily making them high revenue customers. While your standard banking systems are built for the large number of transactions, ZEscrow ensures that your bank can thrive through the complex needs of municipality accounting , whether it's managing bonds, or sub-ledgering budgets. Our platform is designed to streamline and enhance the ledger experience for both you and your municipal clients.

Long-Term Contractual Relationships

Municipalities foster long-term relationships with their banking partners. ZEscrow helps you establish and nurture these partnerships, leading to multi-year contracts and a reliable revenue stream. Our online platform is built to provide a level of stability and predictability that is invaluable in the world of finance, making it easy to maintain strong, long-lasting connections with municipalities.



ZEscrow Offers a Range of Essential Features for Banks:

Interest Rate Calculation for each Three-Party Account

Our advanced platform can calculate interest rates with precision for each three-party account. You can effortlessly manage and track interest accruals, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your operations. Complement this with disbursements to each invested party at the end of the 1031 exchange.

Anytime, Secure Access for the FI and the Qualified Intermediary

With ZEscrow, both you and your Qualified Intermediary partners can enjoy secure access to account and subaccount details anytime. Our platform prioritizes security, employing the latest encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard your sensitive data.

Open & Closing Accounts

Simplify the account management process with ZEscrow’s intuitive interface. Bankers and QI partners can open and close accounts online any time, reducing trips to the branch, administrative burdens and improving operational efficiency.

Account Number Generation

Generate unique account numbers effortlessly using ZEscrow’s automated system. Ensure accurate and efficient account identification, minimizing errors and streamlining your account management processes.

Wire Transfer

Initiate and record quick and secure wire transfers with ZEscrow. Our platform works with any banking system, facilitating efficient and reliable fund transfers between accounts.

Document Depository

Store and manage crucial documents securely with our integrated document depository feature. You can easily upload and store files within each subaccount, and reference them at any time. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and embrace a streamlined digital solution that ensures easy retrieval and enhanced compliance.

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