Revolutionizing Escrow Banking Services for Property Managers and Landlords

Property Manager Use Case

How ZEscrow works for Property Managers

ZEscrow features property managers and landlords love

Streamlined Account Management:

Simplify the management of tenant security deposit accounts with our user-friendly platform. ZEscrow empowers property managers to efficiently handle deposits, interest tracking and splitting, disbursement, and other account-related activities, fostering a seamless experience for both property managers and banks.

Complex Compliance Solutions:

ZSuite understands the unique requirements of local laws and regulations. Our configurable workflows automate compliance with specific mandates, such as sending account opening notifications or accurately tracking and allocating interest.


Integration with Docusign:

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork. ZEscrow integrates seamlessly with Docusign, allowing property managers to collect essential documents like W9s electronically. This integration streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures a smooth collaboration between property managers and banks.

Fund Separation:

Within ZEscrow every dollar lives within a named subaccount. Segregated funds with named beneficiaries can offer additional security with FDIC insurance protection, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.


Flexible and Customizable Folder System

Stay organized effortlessly. ZEscrow provides property managers with a flexible and customizable folder system, enabling them to manage buildings, units or customers in alignment with existing systems. This feature promotes collaboration and ensures a structured approach to account management.

Bulk Upload Capabilities

Save time and effort with ZEscrow's bulk upload capabilities. Property managers can securely and quickly upload large volumes of data, making account management efficient and hassle-free.

Interest Tracking and Allocation

ZEscrow includes robust interest tracking features, guaranteeing accurate and transparent interest calculations on security deposits. Property managers can easily allocate interest as required by local regulations, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Customizable Interest Splitting

Tailor interest splitting options to meet specific requirements and local regulations. ZEscrow empowers property managers to effortlessly distribute interest among tenants or other stakeholders promoting compliance and transparency.

A Win-Win for Banks

Discover a customer segment that offers sticky, long-term deposits at a low cost to your bank. Property managers handle significant amounts of money, including tenant security deposits. With ZEscrow, our secure and streamlined platform, you can attract and retain these valuable deposits, contributing to your bank's stability and growth.

Your Trusted Financial Partner

Property managers often require commercial loans for property acquisitions, renovations, or expansions. ZEscrow establishes a strong relationship between your bank and property managers, positioning you as their trusted financial partner. When property managers need funding, they'll turn to your institution, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that leads to shared success.

Stay ahead of regulations

Navigating the diverse laws and regulations that govern the property management industry can be daunting. ZEscrow simplifies compliance by providing an intuitive platform that helps property managers manage tenant security deposit accounts and stay on top of local regulations. From generating account opening notifications to handling interest disbursements, ZEscrow ensures property managers are always in compliance, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Embrace property managers and landlords

Don't miss out on the incredible potential of property managers and landlords. ZEscrow equips banks like yours with essential tools and features to efficiently serve this market segment. Drive customer satisfaction, foster long-term partnerships, and seize this lucrative opportunity. Start leveraging ZEscrow today and unlock a world of possibilities for your banking services.

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