Builder, Banker, Hacker, Chief


Interviews with Bank and Fintech leaders

What makes a leader in banking or fintech? Nathan Baumeister is on a mission to find out in his interview show “Builder Banker Hacker Chief”.


Alice Frazier - President and CEO of Bank of Charles Town

Episode 13 - A meticulous approach, driving meaningful change, and building strong relationships in community banking.

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John Sorrell - CEO of Core Bank

Episode 12 - Building for future generations, finding your niche, and letting family help recalibrate.

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Kathleen Craig - CEO of Plinqit

Episode 11 - Saying no to hustle culture, the road to true kindness, and solving the mystery of product market fit.

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Kelly Brown - CEO of Ampersand, Inc.

Episode 10 - The perpetual joy of banking, protecting people, and pouring yourself out there as a leader.

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Zach Duke - Finosec

Episode 9 - Breaking technology, the journey of self-awareness, and embracing failure through baby steps.

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Tim Hamilton - Founder and CEO of Praxent

Episode 8 - Learning on the fly, the difference between technicians and managers, and the miracle of collective human action.

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Eric Sprink - CEO of Coastal Community Bank

Episode 7 - Jumping between time scales, collaborating with your board of directors, and firing yourself.

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Nicky Senyard - CEO and founder of Fintel Connect

Episode 6 - Leading from your family of origin, electric fences, and the importance of escape.

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Burt Hicks - President & Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at Encore Bank

Episode 5 - Unknowable potential, understanding what really matters, and the thrill of winning together.

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Lee Farabaugh - President at Monarch

Episode 4 - Designing software for humans, playing without fear, and the essential qualities of a leader.

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Liz Magennis - President at ConnectOne Bank

Episode 3 - Seeking out like-minded leaders, focusing on customers first, and the courage to be curious.

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Gabe Krajicek - CEO of Kasasa

Episode 2 - What comes after winning, leaders going off script, and the inescapable power of intent.

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Jay Tuli - President of Leader Bank

Episode 1 - Building from scratch, fintech spinoffs, and the secret power of cost accounting.

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