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Popular, online financial platform developed through cooperation between Massachusetts startup and New Jersey-based-bank

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FAIRFIELD, NJ and WESTWOOD, MA (March 6, 2024) – This is the story of how a 140-year-old, New Jersey-based bank and a Massachusetts tech startup worked together on developing a streamlined escrow platform … and how this cooperation has helped both companies thrive.


 It all began in 2019, when a spinoff in Westwood, MA – which was focused on building online banking tools – took the name ZSuite Technologies. Its earliest products included the commercial banking platform ZRent and ZDeposit. Then, early in 2020, the company began work on ZEscrow, a tool to make the often complex management of commercial escrow accounts quicker, simpler, and accessible from almost anywhere. Much of the initial input for what the ZEscrow product should offer to users came via feedback provided by a test group of five banks, one of which was New Jersey-based Kearny Bank.

 “This was during the pandemic, so there were weekly video conferences – basically, brainstorming sessions,” says Curtis Whiting, VP of Product Development for ZSuite Technologies. “Our goal was building an effective product that saved on both human effort and vendor costs. In speaking with the banks that advised us, that was the common theme.”

 ZEscrow streamlines complex commercial escrow and subaccounting workflows, and provides control to both businesses and banks. Featuring an easy-to-use online portal, ZEscrow enables users to open, close, fund, track, and organize sub-accounts. In addition, it automates statements, interest-tracking, and even IRS reporting.

 “We had one video call with our Kearny Bank partners” recalls Whiting. “And they were actually flipping through this gigantic stack of statements while explaining that without a digital escrow system, each would need to be manually processed, one at a time. They were always very specific about what was most important.”

By July 2021, ZEscrow was ready to go live, and Kearny Bank was among the very first banks to make the platform available to clients. As an example of just how successful the product has been, the very first deposit placed into a ZEscrow account was for $4 by Kearny Bank. Now, less than three years later, ZEscrow holds more than $1 billion in deposits across all ZSuite partner banks that offer the online platform.

 Particularly effective for municipal governments, as well as property management and attorneys, the ZEscrow product has contributed significantly to the steady expansion of Kearny Bank’s government banking presence.

 “We still benefit from having regular consultations about ZEscrow,” notes Dawn Marcano, Kearny Bank 1st Vice President / Private Client Manager. “We’re consistently learning new things, and I believe ZSuite Technologies is as well. This certainly continues to be a win-win relationship.”

 ZSuite Technologies – in which Kearny Bank is an investor – has grown markedly since its establishment. The original five banks in the advisory group now number 85, and instead of casual, weekly conversations, there’s a Quarterly Development Group for the sharing of insights.

 “From our perspective, it’s remarkable to have watched ZSuite Technologies grow,” says Marcano. “We started off working with this little startup – just a handful of people. And now, ZSuite has become far more than just a vendor; they’re a key partner. We speak with them almost daily, whether for servicing our shared relationships, thinking about potential growth opportunities, or making future plans. I'm looking forward to seeing where we can take things from here."

 About ZSuite Tech

ZSuite Tech is a financial technology company that aims to power financial institutions with digital escrow products for specific commercial verticals that they can offer to their clients. ZSuite's products, ZRent and ZEscrow, streamline collection of recurring payments and automate the management and compliance around three-party accounts and multi-use escrow subaccounting. 

 To learn more about ZSuite Tech and how it can help your financial institution, please visit:

 About Kearny Bank 

Combining the finest traditions of community banking with the industry’s latest, most effective financial products and services, Kearny Bank provides business and personal clients with the tools for success. Established back in 1884, and now operating from corporate offices in Fairfield, NJ, Kearny Bank’s footprint covers most of New Jersey, along with Brooklyn and Staten Island. Additional information is available at or by visiting Kearny Bank’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. 


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